Learning through the arts

An innovative way for students to engage with the Massachusetts curriculum standards. Each performance has been curated to partner with the learning happening in Greater New Bedford classrooms. In this way, visiting the theater is an extension of the classroom and another resource for our local educators!

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Schooltime performances are back January 2022! Tickets will go on sale in August

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We know the arts can serve as a powerful tool for student achievement in and out of the classroom. It deepens students’ connection to the world and reveals new ways to see it. Not only does Schooltime performances enable students to explore the concepts and themes they study in the classroom, the performing arts can provide pathways to:

Foster Empathy

Boost Critical Thinking

Spark Discussion

Improve Reading Comprehension

Nurture Cultural Awareness

Power The Imagination

Every year nearly 20,000 schoolchildren in grades pre-K to 12 throughout southeastern Massachusetts attend more than 20 performances at the Zeiterion.

Help a student experience a performance that enhances their learning and creates a better tomorrow. Sponsor or donate a learning opportunity today!




Director of Education and Community Engagement

Enhancing Curriculum

To enrich the experience, support comprehension, and encourage interpretation, online curriculum guides are available in advance of performances. For most shows, pre- or post-performance Q&A sessions with the artists and their companies are also available to explore both the themes and the art form. The Z also offers in-school residencies, including mini-performances, workshops and theater-prep visits.


In an effort to make the performing arts accessible, the Zeiterion offers a number of scholarship tickets to select performances. Distribution of scholarship funds is managed by the Zeiterion upon evaluating the financial need and objectives of each request. Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis and are subject to availability.

Theater etiquette Reminders

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Help a student experience a performance that enhances their learning and creates a better tomorrow. Sponsor or donate today!