the z's impact

The Z is proud to contribute to Southcoast’s vibrant economic and educational landscapes.


The Zeiterion Performing Arts Center’s mission is to steward our historic theater as a gathering place for performing arts experiences where learning, connection, and creative expression thrive.

A Cultural Destination

By presenting hundreds of world-class performing artists and hosting countless other community events, The Z is a gathering place that connects generations, unites diverse groups, and opens a world of possibilities to our children.

Nurturing the Next Generation

The Z’s educational programs engage and excite more than 8,000 local students and teachers each year with over two dozen live performances. In addition, The Z offers literacy programs, in-school residencies and artist workshops, all of which come together to enhance and strengthen student knowledge, curiosity and learning skills.

The Importance of Place

Our storied history adds to the magical experience of each performance, with art deco golden muses, painted friezes and a giant crystal chandelier adorning the theater walls and ceiling.

Engaging Community

The Zeiterion fosters awareness and unity by presenting dynamic artist residencies and community dialogues, frequently offered free of charge. In an effort to increase access to, and participation in, the performing arts, The Z distributes thousands of free or low-cost tickets through collaborations with community partners.

Energizing Our City

The Zeiterion infuses energy into our community, making this a vibrant place to live, work, and play. Patrons fill the city’s restaurants, hotels, and attractions. Events at The Z have a $10.2 million economic impact and support 350 jobs in our region.