Page to Stage

Connecting Theater and Language Arts

Page to Stage is an in-school arts integration initiative to help students learn literature through the fundamental practices of theatre. The program activates students' creative process to target the evolution of ELA standards.

Students will use theater fundamentals (acting, characterization, prop design, and scene blocking), to better comprehend and analyze novels supporting their ELA curriculum with the help of a teaching artist.

Participating schools have included Pulaski Elementary School, Potter Elementary School, and Alma del Mar, among others.

How can I access Page to Stage?

∙ Choose the book you would like to engage more deeply with through arts integration.

∙ Choose a 4, 8, or 12-week course.

∙ Your students will be guided to engage with the book through theatre by a teaching artist who will visit your classroom once a week for the duration of the course.

∙ Your students will design and put on a performance of the book you chose for your school or community.

∙ Your students will attend a live performance of the book you chose to see how professional actors bring the story to life at one of The Z’s satellite locations.  

∙ Call or email our Education and Community Department at 508-997-5664 ext. 129 or ext. 154 to be paired with a teaching artist.

What books can I choose from?

Stay tuned for our 2023-2024 titles

What is Arts Integration?

Arts Integration is not simply a way of teaching. It is the merging of content and the creative process, a unique way for students to engage in hands-on learning while still demonstrating skill gains in any subject.

We know that Arts Integration supports higher academic achievement and standardized test scores*. We know too, that the presence of the performing arts in public schools has dwindled in recent years. Less than 50% of national high schools offer theater or dance curriculum. Elementary schools have even fewer opportunities at only 30%. Despite this trend, the performing arts have been shown to support literacy, reading comprehension, student engagement, student attendance, and ESL students**.


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