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With our enticing selection of classical and pops concerts, there’s a concert for every music lover.

The New Bedford Symphony Orchestra is dedicated to the proposition that classical music can enrich and transform lives. That is why we are very pleased to offer you exciting, moving, and beautiful music. It is also why we remain committed to expanding the educational programs we offer to children in our region—last year more than 8,000 children benefited from our music programs! And finally, it is why we continue to build strong relationships with other music and cultural organizations in our region. We believe collaboration makes all organizations, and our community, stronger. Whether you are a first-time concertgoer or an NBSO regular, we welcome you to our community of music!

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New Bedford Symphony Orchestra


New Bedford Symphony Orchestra
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New Bedford Symphony Orchestra

2024-25 Season Subscriptions



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Join us for the 2024-2025 NBSO Season. We are YOUR Symphony!

This season, we will continue to present at the Bronspiegel Auditorium at New Bedford High School and will have our final concert of the season at Fireman Performing Arts Center at Tabor Academy. A listing of performances and descriptions is below.

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NBSO's 2024-25 Season:

A New Bedford Collage
Saturday, September 28, 2024, 7:30 PM

Bronspiegel Auditorium, New Bedford High School

Yaniv Dinur, conductor

Jazz Quartet: Dino Govoni (tenor sax), Ben Cook (piano), Dave Zinno (bass), Max Goldman (drums)
Richard Wagner: Prelude to Tristan und Isolde
Jazz Quartet: Jamming on “Tristan Chord”
KabuJazz Ensemble: Love Each Other Through, Sodade
Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzon per sonar duodecimi toni a 8
Johann Sebastian Bach: Chaconne, featuring Ethan Wood
Johannes Brahms: Symphony No. 4

We’ve all made collages as kids, or with our kids. In this concert we create a musical collage for you with some Cape Verdean music, some jazz, and of course some classical. The different groups will be set up around the auditorium so you will be part of the collage too, and hear the music all around you.

This concert features New Bedford-based jazz giant Dino Govoni, New Bedford legend Candida Rose, New Bedford resident (and NBSO Assistant Concertmaster) Ethan Wood, and (we suppose this goes without saying …) your New Bedford Symphony Orchestra! The concert ends with Brahms’ very large, emotional, and beautiful Symphony No. 4. It’s a perfect way to capture everything our community means to us.

In the art world, a collage gives the artist the freedom to create a beautiful visual experience using many different and even seemingly unrelated objects. We have created this New Bedford Collage to give you that experience through music. This concert celebrates the amazing talent we have in our community and the creativity that is unleashed when we break down barriers and join forces to express the joy and beauty inside every one of us. Immerse yourself in this experience and see what effect it has on you!

Dance the Night Away
Saturday, October 26, 2024, 7:30 PM

Bronspiegel Auditorium, New Bedford High School

Yaniv Dinur, conductor

Newport Contemporary Ballet
Mathilde Wantenaar: Prélude à une nuit américaine
George Gershwin: An American In Paris
Leonard Bernstein: Symphonic Dances from West Side Story
Maurice Ravel: Daphnis et Chloé, Suite No. 2

Whether it’s in the kitchen, at a wedding, or at a club, dancing is something we all do. Some of us took dance lessons as a child, some of us got up our nerve at a school dance, and some of us just can’t help moving when we feel the beat.

We hope you won’t be shocked to learn that classical music composers are no different than the rest of us. They feel that beat too, and they love to create motion and energy with their music. In this program, we dive into the power music has to make us want to move and express ourselves in motion. Each piece is inspired by dance and probably the best way to prepare for the concert is to watch Gene Kelly dancing in An American in Paris and watching the Sharks and the Jets dance it out in West Side Story.

The extraordinary Newport Contemporary Ballet will join us in the final piece of the concert. They will glide across the stage and around the auditorium to Ravel’s musical love story, Daphnis et Chloe. Let the motion in the music and the motion in the dance soothe you and inspire you.

Bridging Oceans
Saturday, November 16, 2024, 7:30 PM

Bronspiegel Auditorium, New Bedford High School

Yaniv Dinur, conductor
Guest artist:  Hector Del Curto, bandoneon

Johann Sebastian Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 in F
Astor Piazzolla: Oblivion (arr. Robert Longfield )
Johann Sebastian Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G
Astor Piazzolla: Aconcagua; Concerto for Bandoneon
Johann Sebastian Bach: Suite No. 2 in B minor

There are two oceans (and two centuries) between Argentinian Astor Piazzolla and German Johann Sebastian Bach, but there are strong connections between them. That is why this concert pairs the music of these two great composers. Bach’s music often uses forms developed from dances and Piazzolla caused quite a stir when he merged his love of the tango with his love of classical music. At an early age, Piazzolla discovered the music of Bach and couldn’t stop playing it on the piano. He then became a virtuoso bandoneon player (an Argentinian accordion-like instrument that was actually invented in Germany) and learned to play Bach on that. Even when he formed his own tango band and played in the clubs of Buenos Aires, he infused his music with both jazz and Bach-inspired fugues.

This concert will transport you back and forth between two worlds of music, worlds that are in some ways very different from each other but in the most important ways very connected to each other. We want you to feel that connection and help you create your own world for one night.  

Holiday Pops
Sunday, December 15, 2024, 3:30 & 7:00 PM

Bronspiegel Auditorium, New Bedford High School

Yaniv Dinur, conductor and emcee

Appearances by the Southeastern Massachusetts Youth Orchestra and the Showstoppers

Celebrate the season with family and friends at our Holiday Pops concerts. You will be immersed in joyous music, laughter, and the spirit of the season. The festively-decorated auditorium and family-friendly atmosphere are just what everybody needs at this time of year.  We have an amazing line-up of holiday entertainment with Yaniv, our musicians, and special guests, including The Showstoppers and the Southeastern Massachusetts Youth Orchestra. Both performances are about one hour long, with no intermission.

Super Mario vs. Zelda
Saturday, January 18, 2025, 7:30 PM

Bronspiegel Auditorium, New Bedford High School

Yaniv Dinur, conductor and emcee

Did you know that video games take their music very seriously? Major contemporary composers, themes from great classical works of the past, and the high energy and many moods that spring from the boundless imagination of virtual worlds will all come together and fill the concert hall. The program will include music from:

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Return Fire
Saints Row IV
Forza Horizon 3
Cyberpunk 2077
Gerda: A Flame in Winter
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
Final Fantasy VII
Call of Duty
Fallout 4
Super Mario Bros.
The Legend of Zelda

Love and Ecstasy
Saturday, February 15, 2025, 7:30 PM

Bronspiegel Auditorium, New Bedford High School

Yaniv Dinur, conductor
Bella Hristova, violin

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Romeo and Juliet,  Fantasy - Overture
David Ludwig: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
Manuel de Falla: The Three-Cornered Hat,  Suite No. 1

Wouldn’t it be nice if a person who loved you wrote a song (or a whole concerto!) to celebrate who you are and how deeply they love you? Well, that might be asking too much for most of us, but not for our guest artist and her composer husband, Bella Hristova and David Ludwig. When they married, he wrote for her the concerto we are performing for you in this concert, and we’ve invited her to be the soloist. Let the sparks fly and feel the love on Valentine’s Weekend!

You might have heard of two other lovers named Romeo and Juliet. While things did not work out well for them, the longing and the passion they felt for each other (thank you, Shakespeare!) has been immortalized in Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet. We guarantee this music will transport you. Come to the concert and find out where it will take you.

Scriabin’s Poem of Ecstasy is exactly what love is: quiet, soothing, joyous – and messy, loud, and chaotic! We really can’t call this one a love song, but it is a song about love. Of course, you will get to decide for yourself when you hear it.

Yaniv Plays Beethoven
Friday, March 14, 2025, 7:30 PM
Saturday, March 15, 2025, 7:30 PM

Fireman Performing Arts Center, Tabor Academy

Yaniv Dinur, conductor & piano

Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 3
Adolphus Hailstork: Symphony No. 3

When your music director is an incredible conductor and a talented pianist, it only makes sense to put him to work doing both (at the same time). Yaniv has impressed us in the past as a musical multitasker. In this concert he once again brings his artistry performing as soloist and conducting the orchestra in Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 3. Beethoven’s music has been delighting people and touching their souls for a couple of hundred years. Come find out why.

Adolphus Hailstork is one of the most talented and beloved composers living in the United States today. His Symphony No. 3 is considered a masterpiece. The symphony’s music ranges from rousing brass marches to the sweetest of melodies. True story: When we played one of his pieces during the pandemic we sent him the video of the performance. He emailed back to us “OMG – what a sound your orchestra has!” We have to admit we love his music as much as he loves our orchestra.

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