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12/08 • Standard Times
A Triumph at City Theater

Zeiterion Does It Right

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Surprise of a Salesman:
Christopher Lloyd

New York Times Article

2/10 Type 3 Media
Keith Emerson and Greg Lake Reunite for US Tour
2/10 Fall River Herald
De Barros to warm up the Z and the hearts of Haiti
2/10 Providence Phoenix
Editor’s Picks Providence: Maria De Barros at the Zeiterion Theatre
2/10 Cape Cod Times
Turning point: Drama at Z chronicles RFK's transformation

2/10 Type 3 Media
Have a ‘Ball’ with the Sisters of Soul at the Z

1/10 The Sentinel
Gregg Allman shows there is more than “one way out”

1/10 Standard Times
Road warrior: Always striving Allman returns to Zeiterion Saturday
1/10 Boston Music Spotlight
Gregg Allman delights with memorable show in New Bedford

11/09 • Fall River Herald
Dinner and a show: Local theaters, restaurants team up

11/09 Fall River Herald
Take a chance on ABBAMANIA at the Z
11/09 Fall River Herald
Ani DiFranco comes to the Z

9/09 Standard Times
Zeiterion kicks off season with two seasoned performers

12/08 • Standard Times
David Byrne @ The Z, New Bedford MA
Live Music Review

12/08 • Standard Times
Allman Fans Pack Zeiterion

11/08 • Standard Times
Arlo Guthrie in Wide-Ranging Interview Ahead of Z Performance

11/08 • Boston Phoenix
Same as He Ever Was: David Byrne on working with Brian Eno, the new music industry, and his time in Providence

10/08 • Boston Globe
A Family Affair with a Bossa Nova Beat

10/08 • Boston Globe
Local Arts World Wobbles as Patrons Feel Squeeze

9/08 • Standard Times
Golly Z!
Zeiterion's new season brims with diverse entertainment


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